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Zagreb, the Croatian capital and its political and cultural center . Zagreb is also interesting as a shopping destination . Zagreb is also the hub of the business , academic, cultural, artistic and entertainment . Zagreb is a city of green parks and walks , with many places to visit in the beautiful surroundings. Zagreb offers its visitors the Baroque atmosphere of the Upper Town, picturesque open-air markets , diverse shopping selection of crafts , delicious local cuisine . Sightseeing begins its oldest part – the Old Town or Upper Town where the Croatian government and parliament ( Ban’s Palace and the Parliament building ) . There is also the church . Mark, the beautiful baroque church . Catherine and a number of museums and galleries . Sightseeing continues to Kaptol where the ecclesiastical center of Zagreb and the Croatian , known Zagreb Cathedral . Lower Town captures the beauty of its parks , and its guests draws attention to the Croatian National Theatre, University and many other cultural institutions ..
National park Plitvice Lakes
The best and most among the eight national parks in Croatia – Plitvice Lakes , included in the World Heritage List ( UNESCO ) 1979. was among the first in the world . Plitvice National Park today are world-famous for its waterfalls and sixteen cascading lakes . Plitvice Lakes beginning in the literature mention yet in the 16th century Nevertheless , it is up to the mid- 19th century due to historical circumstances remain poorly known . During this period, only rarely visited by travelers and passers adventurers . Due to insecurity and proximity to the Turkish threat this is romantic , then almost wilderness in the contemporary writings called ” Devil’s Garden ” – ” Hortus diabolus .” Thirties of the 20th century academician Ivo Pevalek first scientifically substantiated reasons for protecting lakes . Scientific knowledge and efforts of academics I Pavelek led up to the historic date of April 8th 1949th when the Plitvice Lakes were declared the first Croatian national park . Even before , especially after getting official protection status , this area was the subject of many scientific and technical research . That’s raised a lot of knowledge about the natural values ​​of Plitvice Lakes National Park . Plitvice Lakes are the world ‘s pearl of priceless value . Their specific beauty haven for nature lovers and an inspiration for artists , and the uniqueness and richness of nature occupation of scientists . Coupon lakes allows visitors to guided tour of selected programs introduced through activities that include hiking , riding an electric boat and panoramic train, photography , boating, hiking and skiing .
Postojna – Lipica
Postojna Cave is a complex of 20 kilometers of buried trenches , galleries and halls , in which experienced guides in more than 185 years escorted more than 31 million visitors . It is the largest classical karst cave and the most visited tourist cave in Europe . The world is much longer pit , but a visit to the cave as Postojna deserves full attention due to the variety of shapes , large and interesting cave stalactites . It is particularly important that the majority of these various forms and phenomena can be seen by any visitor – and not just cavers with equipment . Postojna Cave is largely horizontal cave and visit the cave is not a problem for almost anyone . Postojna Cave is the only cave in the world in which you the cave train , so that driving the trenches and visitors can admire the comprehensiveness and underground world, where the geological past in their own way . Their gazes are filled with the immense wealth of stalactites of various shapes, colors and generations , calcareous sinters and other works of art created by nature over millennia , and which have been in past centuries admired by kings, emperors , presidents and other important personalities . From the mid-17th century Postojna Cave interest for natural scientists and researchers, because it is known as the cradle of speleobiology , the science of life in the underworld.
Canoe Safari
Those who like to have fun and laugh , let us go along with the adventure of conquering the river Kupa ! We take you to the fold unspoiled nature , where you will experience the thrill of managing canoes and rafts . Forests , mountains and rivers are the main feature of Gorski Kotar , the greenest part Hrvatske.Uživat you in all this sailing and clear green river Kupa . Canoe trips are customized for all ages : young people , families , grandparents and grandchildren . It is not necessary to have previous canoeing experience . The trip can take part and children 6 years of age . Accompanied by experienced instructors and animators , you will get to the river and start winning gentle rapids and demonstrate their art of paddling ! The journey takes approximately 3 hours . The river is clear and warm in the summer, so that the river inlets where they do their breaks , can swim and enjoy a massage at the falls. Boating kayaking waterfalls , narrow passages and beautiful nature that abounds in the mountainous area, ideal for beginners . After three hours of easy paddling , swimming and sunbathing , you will reach the end of this river adventure – Ship to Buy . After coating is possible refreshments at a nearby restaurant. Do not miss the opportunity to have fun and laugh in a relaxed atmosphere and good company !
Baredine cave
Meet the mysterious nature which has been developing for thousands of years , away from daylight and the human eye – visit the underground world CAVE. Jama cave is protected geomorphological natural monument This cave is a treasure chest of stalagmites and stalactites , underworld sculptures created through patient work of water . They were built so amazing icicle forms of which the most significant are ten-meter high curtains , a very realistic statue of the Virgin Mary , the body of a shepherdess Milka, the leaning tower of Pisa , snowman – torchbearer who has become a trademark of the cave . In one of the halls you will pass hatches 4 wide and 66 meters deep , which descends to the underground lakes . And so , through five halls , five galleries of abstract and realistic sculptures , 40 -minute walk along three hundred yards long run , of course , accompanied by a guide and curator. Excitement of this adventure is the underground animal world : you will see the human fish , endemic species that live only in the Istrian karst areas and miniature transparent crabs and insects . At the entrance to the cave is a museum display with pottery exhibits of prehistoric man . Our far ancestors probably , during the hot, dry summer , leaving their vessels here that , drop by drop , the precious water . I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
The beautiful alpine town in the northwest of Slovenia, in the foothills of the Julian Alps, located on the shores of Lake Bled. In the background of the rising Alps situated above the medieval town and the island in the middle of the lake stands the church of St. Mary Jezerske the 17th century. Because of its beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and the beneficial effects of thermal waters of Lake Bled, Bled offers visitors many activities throughout the year. In winter, visitors can enjoy skiing at nearby ski guard that is equipped with snow cannons and equipment for night skiing, and it is possible slip decorated in a sports hall. During the summer, visitors can, among other things, enjoy a stroll kilometer long trails at Lake Bled, golf, hiking and cycling.
Istria tour
Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula with attractive coastline and interesting interior. You will visit the tourist towns of Porec, Rovinj and Pula, after all the excitement and enjoy the quiet country setting of central Istria. On this full day excursion, according to your preference, you can visit Porec, Rovinj, Pula, unique Lim, and rednjevjekovne towns built on the tops of the hills of Istria, Motovun and Grožnjan. Porec sightseeing includes a visit to the famous Euphasianian basilica dating from the 6th century and which is under UNESCO protection. Rovinj, a town of St. Euphemia, is certainly one of the most beautiful towns in Istria, visit includes St. Euphemia. There is a possibility to change the program. Sightseeing Pula with an array of ancient monuments includes a visit to the famous amphitheater dating from the first century.
One of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world , part of the UNESCO World Heritage site , the capital of the Venetian Republic ( 811th to 1797th ) – Venice is a city that you simply must see . Magical Venice is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from around the world City of Venice spread over 118 islands that lie in jedinstvenj closed lagoon . All buildings , bridges and squares of this impressive and unique city built on wooden poles. Venice can be explored only on foot or by boat through 150 channels . Venice offers many attractions and artistic and cultural treasures . The center of Venice ‘s St. Mark’s Square ( Piazza San Marco ) . Here are St Mark’s Basilica ( 1094). , 99 – meter-high bell tower ( Campanile ) and the Doge’s Palace (12th century ) , which are among the largest and most famous city sights. Criss-crossed by canals main road is 3.8 km long Grand Canal , where numerous palaces ( Ca d’ Oro , 15th century , Grassi , Ca Foscari , Pesaro ) , the Rialto bridge ( 1588 ) . Over the whole of Venice are scattered and other attractions – more than 100 large and small churches , many Venetian patrician palaces and other prestigious buildings – eg San Giorgio Maggiore ( 1566th-1610th ) , the Baroque church of Santa Maria della Salute ( 17th century ) , a Gothic church . John and Paul with the tombs of the Venetian doges ( 13th-15th century) … Venice is also a mecca for fans of The art of – the art collection of the Academy of Fine Arts , International Gallery of Modern Art , the art collection of Peggy Guggenheim , Museum of Archaeology …